Karen is available for private consultation, for all types of diet and nutrition-related inquiries. She focuses on weight loss, habit changing, and diabetes care.

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What to expect at visits:

The initial assessment usually takes 1 -1.5 hours. She will ask you to fill out an intake form prior to the meeting in order to facilitate the appointment.

Follow-ups typically take 30 – 45 minutes and the frequency will depend on the need of the client, but usually once a month is more than suffice. Email followups are not available, as they are open to different interpretations, but quick questions may be answered. In-person meetings and phone follow-ups are preferred and recommended.

Dietetic consultations are exempt from PST and HST taxes.

Please email her to inquire about her services or book an appointment.

Where can I find her? Do I have to be in the area?

She is currently available at two locations for in-person consultations; Stouffville and Vaughan in Ontario. She will also be available via Skype in the future.